20 seconds into the future and 2 degrees closer to hell...

Los Angeles - 20 seconds into the future and 2 degrees closer to hell…

Blue Prime opens with the above quote.

It's a scene-setter, my equivalent of A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away or Once upon a time

The inspiration for this novel came from thinking about writing a comic book crime fighter character for real. I realized this hero wouldn’t emerge in a city where the system worked. If the local law enforcement had the problems covered, these guys would fight crime as part of their day jobs and have their evenings to themselves. A hero like Blue Prime is only needed in a place where there’s too much corruption and too few good cops and officials to succeed within the system.

While the character would only arise in a place where the system was failing, I didn’t want to create a totally fictitious Gotham/Metropolis, but wanted to set my story in a real US city. After all, it would undermine the superhero for real concept if I made everything up.

Many comic books are set in either New York or a fictionalized version of it, leaving LA with few superhero stories. I also liked the juxtaposition of LA’s different faces – the glamorous entertainment and media capital, high-tech industry, crime and LAPD as one of the world’s most famous (or infamous) police forces.

So I’ve taken LA and heightened its bad points. In the LA of Blue Prime, people look back on the O.J. trial, Rodney King, and Rampart scandals as the time before things went really bad.

The tagline is inspired by a few sources. The 1980s TV series Max Headroom began with the quote "twenty minutes into the future", while Sam Hamm's Batman script starts with the line "hell had erupted through the sidewalk", and there's also a hint of Six Degrees of Separation [or Kevin Bacon, if you must].

Blue Prime's LA isn't one I'd actually want to live in, but it's an interesting place to read about … find out on 12/12/12.