Angel City Beats

Blue Prime cover

I like books, movies and music.

And I like these interests to interact. Movies have Behind the Scenes features on DVD/Blu-Ray and I enjoy it when authors include some background info about how/why they write, either in the back of the book or on their websites.

Movies have soundtracks, so why don't books?

Actually, some do. Stephanie Meyer has a playlist of songs that fit her Twilight stories, Jeffrey Deaver included a complete album worth of lyrics and a downloadable song with XO and Meg Gardiner also had downloadable songs for The Liar's Lullaby.

When I'm thinking about a story, I keep a notes page with song ideas as I'm writing. From Blue Prime onwards, I'll include the song list in the story.

I'm not going to kid you and say this is the playlist I listened to when writing, because I don't write to music- if I did, I'd get very distracted and never finish anything. Nor is it a requirement to listen to the music when reading. It's more a way to set the mood, give you some ideas of what music could accompany the story if you chose to listen along.

Some of the songs appear in the story, either as part of the description of a scene or as something the characters like.

Others came from my initial character bios - as part of thinking about what characters are like, I think about what they do in their spare time, what their interests are.

A few capture the mood of the scenes, having the sort of driving beat I'd imagine would accompany the action if Steve Spielberg or Jerry Bruckheimer decided they wanted to film it.

And others have some connection to the plot or themes, either directly or indirectly. Some more indirectly than others, potentially spoiling some plot twists.

So, as a sneak preview, here's the soundtrack to Blue Prime, a playlist I call Angel City Beats as a nod to the name of a late night current affairs show that features in the novel.

Kashmir – Led Zepplin (which I'd love to find as an instrumental to be the theme music)
Welcome to the Jungle – Guns n' Roses
Los Angelinos – Billy Joel
Hollywood Nights – Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Bat out of Hell – Meat Loaf
Whiter Shade of Pale – Procum Harum
Tragic Kingdom – No Doubt
Cartoon Heroes – Aqua
Lullaby – Shawn Mullins
Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting – Elton John
Hammer to Fall – Queen
Holding out for a Hero – Bonnie Tyler
Sympathy for the Devil – Rolling Stones
Blaze of Glory – Bon Jovi
FBI – The Shadows