Battling Blue Prime - "Teflon Joe", Harris and Dante

"If he'd been asked a year before how he'd spend the next 11 August, "Teflon Joe" Andolini would have said he'd be in San Quentin, beginning an inexorable line of appeals to attempt to avoid the gas chamber six or eight years hence. Or, if things hadn't gone well, he'd already be dead, shot by police.

37% of respondents in a recent Los Angeles Tribune poll agreed that the best place for Andolini was six feet under. 52% figured life imprisonment would do. As 8% were undecided, that left only 3% who actually thought the man should be on the streets.

He'd laughed at that article. 'You can't always get what you want, folks.'"

It was Blue Prime's execution of Teflon Joe that united the criminal underworld against the vigilante.

Harris Miller had been one of the Slayer gang's fastest-rising lieutenants until one of his deals was disrupted by Blue Prime. After being patched up in the ER, endless interviews in an LAPD interrogation room, and a stint in lockup, he'd finally been sprung on bail by the Slayers' very expensive lawyer. But now he looked deflated, tired and worn, wearing a rumpled old jacket that had seen better days.

When Harris met Jay Dante, the Italian hitman had lived up his reputation. His neatly trimmed goatee, heavy diamond-studded crucifix, and long black leather duster made him look like he belonged at a trendy nightclub, but there was something about Dante's icy expression that said he wasn't to be messed with. He'd acquired the nickname "the Inferno" because, like his namesake, he could put you through nine circles of hell if he wanted to extract information. He wore a long, wicked black knife sheathed under his left armpit, to balance the 9mm under his right.

As Blue Prime wages his war against LA's criminals, dodging the attention of LA's police and media, the criminals begin to fight back … see how on 12/12/12.