Investigating Blue Prime ... McCloud and Brandon

"Behind the tinted windows, Derrick Brandon, fat and forty with a gut hanging over his belt, clicked off a couple of shots with his Nikon. His younger partner, Alex McCloud, simply watched from the driver's seat, a mild frown on her face."

When the LAPD begins to worry that Blue Prime may be a cop, it assigns Derrick Brandon and Alexandra McCloud to investigate.

For McCloud, a golden girl fast-tracked into the detective ranks because of her law school background, a two- or three-year stint in the Professional Standards Bureau – LAPD's softer, nicer name for its much-hated Internal Affairs Division - is a stepping stone to the elite Robbery-Homicide Division. At 5'7" McCloud was short for a cop, but had aced the fitness tests, her tanned and toned body the result of hours at the gym, on the bike, and in the water. With sun-highlighted blond hair in a short bob, she looked like a late-twenties Meg Ryan, back in her Top Gun days.

Brandon was a legend for having survived the internal affairs job for over a decade, twice the average stint, collecting a lot of badges, and a lot of enemies. He was someone McCloud respected, but she had no wish to emulate his tenure.

As they dig into the rumors of Blue Prime, it becomes clear that everyone has secrets, everybody lies and nobody is what they seem. You can discover the truth, from 12/12/12.