LA's power elite - Cransky, Rodriguez and Dobbs

Blue Prime focuses on the dark underbelly of the City of Angels - the endless war between its criminals, cops and the vigilante who lurks between them.

But LA is also a city of power, of influential movers and shakers, who also see the risks and opportunities in Blue Prime's battles.

Mayor "Clean Jeanne" Cransky came to office on a law and order platform, doubling the Professional Standards Bureau's resources to root out corruption within the LAPD, centralizing all of the city's camera feeds into one operation that was loved by tough on crime groups and hated by civil libertarians, and boosting CRASH patrols.

For Cransky, Blue Prime is a public relations disaster, a no-win situation. She's either going to have to endorse a vigilante or bad-mouth someone half of the town thinks is a hero.

In addition to her elected councilors, Cransky appointed two "civic counselors" to show community groups that she listened to their concerns: Gregory Rodriguez, who'd been a troubled kid in his teens, then spent the last twenty years running a youth shelter, and Jonathan Dobbs, who represented her high-tech business friends.

All three find themselves drawn into the Blue Prime story in ways they couldn't have predicted … see how on 12/12/12.