Life in the world of Blue Prime - Singh and Whedon

"ADA John Whedon was sitting alone at a cozy table for two. Tonight he was wearing a stylish suit – off the rack, but it was an expensive rack – and blue silk tie secured with a gold clip. His dark brown hair was gelled and slicked back; Singh couldn't remember if the wet look was just on its way out or coming back in again, but it looked good on Whedon. His gold watch was a Rolex but, as he'd mentioned the first time she had commented on that, it was nowhere near the top of the line."

Even in Blue Prime's LA, people still find time to have lives.

Recently ranked LA's third most eligible bachelor, just behind a Laker and a hotshot boy-band member, Whedon's face lit up when he took in the sight of Christine Singh. She had a chocolate complexion and a short, spiky haircut in a dazzling shade of red. Combined with her black jeans, crimson T-shirt and red leather jacket, the ensemble was very funky young LA.

Someone looking at Singh's face might have guessed she was from New Delhi, but her accent was pure SoCal, the voice of every girl that ever hung out in a mall in the Valley. It was her occupation that made her stand out from most of LA's female population.

Whedon had no problem with dating a cop, even a SWAT team member, but there was something just a little disturbing about having a girlfriend who was a sniper. His world was one of the aftermath of crime, he dealt with suffering every day, but he dreaded getting a call from Singh because she'd killed someone.

Whedon and Singh should have had a great date, until his phone rang, beeping out New York, New York to bring him the news that Blue Prime had killed "Teflon Joe".

Singh thought was nice to be dating someone with power, someone in charge, for a change. But, as her friend Strazz often said, with great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes that responsibility meant abandoning your new girlfriend because there's a more interesting dead body to check out.

Discover what happens next, how Singh and Whedon become drawn into the world of Blue Prime on 12/12/12.