The dead woman in the dark corner of the university campus looked to be about 22 or 23.

The stab wounds on Jewell McQueen’s chest, one either side of her tracksuit’s zip, were enough to ensure this case would be front page news. Detective Jack Deckard knew the two objects next to the body would really cause a storm: a wicked-looking hunting knife stabbed through a blood-smeared playing card.

Then Steven Hart arrived at the scene, claiming to know the victim from an internet role playing game, where she used the alias “Queen of Diamonds” and competed for a million dollar prize.

Two weeks earlier an opposing player called “AceOfSpades” threatened to stab her through the heart…

Not trusting each other, Deckard and Hart separately race to identify the killer, testing the alibis and motives of an unusual group of online gamers, while the AceOfSpades prepares to strike again.

Project-52 is an e-book murder mystery thriller with a tech edge, written by bgmhall and published on July 7 2012.

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