Targeted by Blue Prime - McNamara and Davidson

"Sergeant Jordan McNamara eased his blue Ford Crown Victoria into a No Parking zone just down from Giovanni's. While the car was unmistakably law enforcement, its occupant was not, at least at first glance. McNamara looked smooth and stylish, with Armani labels on both his tailored charcoal suit and his sunglasses. His skin was a light shade of brown that suggested an ancestry that was more Jamaican than African, while his hair was cut in a short flattop."

McNamara had been a clean cop before he joined one of LAPD's Organized Crime squads and still marveled at the chain of events that made him a bagman for Mafia payoffs. His boss, Lieutenant Ronald Davidson, a big man in a cheap suit and Loony Toons tie, liked to call the payments his "Italian pension fund".

In the back room of a cop bar, Davidson assembles his squad to divide up the payment. He has no idea that Derrick Brandon, Alexandra McCloud and a team of internal affairs detectives have the room wired and are ready to burst in and take down the crooked cops.

But before they spring the trap, Blue Prime blasts a hole in the ceiling… learn what happens next on 12/12/12.