Who is Blue Prime?

"He was dressed in six shades of black: full-face helmet, body armor, utility belt, gloves, boots; looking like a cross between a Navy SEAL and a ninja. The only color was a faint red glow from the helmet's visor."

Blue Prime's title character is a dark vigilante who appears out of the shadows, attacking LA's criminal underworld and corrupt officials.

The ghostly figure is armored and armed with an array of weapons: dark 12-gauge shotgun, Taser, heavy automatic pistols on his hips, a wicked hunting knife sheathed to his boot, and at least one witness reported seeing nunchaku. He appears out of a cloud of smoke, takes down targets with tranquilizer darts and then vanishes, leaving only handcuffed criminals and neatly preserved evidence of their crimes.

At first, Blue Prime is just a rumor, a whispered tale in the underworld. Someone LA's gangs fear and want dead. Someone the LAPD wants to cover up, scared that Blue Prime could be a exposed as a rogue cop, bringing more criticism to the beleaguered, scandal-ridden department.

But then Blue Prime raises the stakes with the cold-blooded execution of "Teflon Joe" Andolini, a cop-killer who walked free on a technicality, going from a murky legend to water cooler conversation in one easy step (or eight easy shots).

When Blue Prime goes public, announcing a mission to clean up LA, it triggers a firestorm of responses from politicians, media, police and the criminal underworld… find out more on 12/12/12.